Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Stamp Conversions

As a result of some comments Newt Gingrich made regarding food stamps, it's come to light that more white people than black people receive food stamps. About 42% of food stamp recipients are white, compared to only 28% who are African American. This of course presents a small problem with the "welfare Cadillac" meme, but "the 53%" needn't worry. With just a few minor changes, they can use the same tired old arguments to talk about how lazy whit people are taking their tax money. The following conversion list should prove helpful:
  • Cadillac = Pick-up Truck
  • Rims = Mud Tires
  • Cell Phone = Hunting Rifle
  • Big Screen TV = Bass Boat
  • Gold Teeth = Confederate Flag Tattoos
  • Tommy Hilfiger = Official NASCAR
  • Junk Food = Replace references to specific types with "pork rinds" and "Moon Pies"
  • Soda = Specify "RC Cola"
  • Crack = Meth
  • Oprah = Hee Haw
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