Monday, February 8, 2016

No, It' Not

So apparently this is going on in response to something that happened at a football game:

If Beyonce (or the Black Lives Matter movement) were saying that the problem with the police is that they're incompetent dullards who are so racist that they instantly shoot every minority they encounter, this may be a valid criticism. Of course, Beyonce hasn't said that. She's expressed concern that the police have a tendency to deal more harshly with minorities, which frequently leads them to murder unarmed people. When this happens, they almost always get away with it and usually keep their jobs. Beyonce knows that she can rely on the police to escort her to the game without shooting her because they all know she's Beyonce. Her criticism have to do with the fact that if her husband takes a walk in the wrong neighborhood at night without some obvious way of signalling he's fucking Jay-Z, he's more likely to be stopped by the police than a white guy. If he says or does anything to spook the apparently very-easily frightened (if their accounts of these situations are believed) cops involved, he's more likely to get shot than a white guy, and the officer who did the shooting is less likely to be prosecuted than if he'd shot a white guy (though not by much; the police get away with murdering white people a lot too, but a cop who shot a white guy as famous as Jay-Z is would at least lose his job). But yeah, that's basically exactly the same as claiming the police just go around randomly shooting black people for fun.

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