Monday, August 25, 2014

The Most Challenging Challenge That Will Ever Challenge You

  1. Pick an organization you'd like to support. It's ok if you pick a cause that you really believe in, even if it doesn't have a viral marketing campaign. In fact, those organizations probably need help more than the ones who are getting donations from the viral campaign, even after accounting for the fact that only a tiny percentage of the people who participate in such campaigns actually donate. 
  2. Donate your time or money to the organization. Do it even if there's no hashtag, selfie, or special event to go along with it. After all, you're doing this to help others, not to stoke your ego, right? 
  3. Post to social media about why you think the organization is worth supporting. Provide a link for those who would also like to donate. The link provides people with a way to take ACTION, without which "awareness" is meaningless. 
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