Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six Random Thoughts

  • "For as long as Winston can recall, Oceania has been in a constant state of war – with whom it was at war is of neither importance nor consequence."--George Orwell
  • I'm pretty sure Miley Cyrus is trolling everyone, I'm just not sure if she's aware of it. 
  • I'm also pretty sure that James Franco is an elaborate performance art piece, and that he's completely aware of it. 
  • If you're concerned about journalistic integrity and not just a misogynistic cretin, "journalists trade influence for sexual favors" is probably a better narrative than "slutty slut slut uses magical lady parts to mind control journalists." Just FYI.
  • I used to work in a game warehouse. During that time, White Wolf released a lot of non-gaming books, including a collection of Harlan Ellison's LA Free Press columns, which I read when there was nothing better to do. He had a lot to say about flan. 
  • Richard Linklater's movies don't so much end as just sort of trail off, usually about half an hour after you think they should be just about over. 
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