Saturday, July 7, 2012

Top Ten Important Lessons Of The Avengers Movie

  1. Mark Ruffalo should work more. Those of you who’ve seen him in things like  The Brothers Bloom and The Kids Are Alright probably already knew this.
  2. Aunt Robin is kind of a badass. Especially for a Canadian teen pop star.
  3. Science doesn’t have to bore the shit out of the movie-going public. Pay attention, Ang Lee.
  4. Even when Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t say “mother fucker,” you feel like he said “mother fucker.”
  5. Every comic fan knows that when two or more Marvel Super-heroes first meet, it’s customary for them to fight. Including this scene in a Marvel movie lends authenticity.
  6. It’s better to have Harry Dean Stanton and not need him than to need Harry Dean Stanton and not have him.
  7. Joss Whedon sometimes does terrible things to beloved characters. Geeks really should have accepted this by now.
  8. Captain America can be written as a guy from the 40s without coming across as hokey. Pay attention, nearly every Marvel comic writer.
  9. If you want the villain to call the female lead a whiny cunt, have him do it in the Queen’s English and you can get away with it.  
  10. There is nothing funnier than the Hulk swinging a god around like a rubber chicken.